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Tuk Tuk eateries have a distinct combination of quality Thai cuisine, quick service, and practical prices all served in a trendy and stirring environment. At Tuk Tuk we take your eating experience to an inspirational level. We believe the food you eat affects the life you live. Eat better, live better … and at Tuk Tuk you’ll never be stuck waiting for the good life to begin. We are committed to providing our guests with a brilliant dining experience that exposes you to the healthy, nutritious, and authentic secrets of our menu.
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Good afternoon Colorado Welcome to our Thursday edition of what's for lunch, I'm your host, Larry hers and today I am fired up because I stalked this lady for a couple years and finally got her to come on the show because I freaking love Tuk Tuk in studio today, I have minty with tuck tuck Thai food welcome hi Hi.

How are you I am God, I'm, sorry, how you doing perfect display right amount of food for people.

Don't know you at home a little history of you personally and your business.

Okay, so um the people who started Chuck are so my parents have been in the United States for 52 years and they've always had restaurants.

They've had grocery stores travel agencies, and now we've ended up with Tuk Tuk.

So we have three locations here.

In Colorado we have one in Denver, Tech Center by Micro Center on 225, in Quincy um, another locations at Lakewood, on 6th and Union and last but not least, is Westminster on 104th and 36th.

Terrific and for people who haven't been there describe the concept um.

So it is Thai food with a western twist um.

You definitely get the Original Thai Dishes Pad Thai Drunken Noodles Patsy eel, but we also have variations of like fried chicken, and you know another Twist on Mango and sticky rice all right, yeah.

Let's talk about drinks, since you bought some drinks here.

What would you bring today? What are we doing here? So? What we have here is coconut juice, orange juice, okay, so coconut juice and lemonade.

Okay, okay and I want to add here we go and the coconut juice is espresso, so this gives it.

Some freshness gives you your caffeine and the sweetness of the coconut juice and orange juice.

Wait! Wait you just mixed espresso and orange juice yeah today, I've never seen that amazing lemonade.

So this is butterfly pea flower.

So this is um a flower found in Southeast Asia.

It has lots of antioxidants, it's healthy for you.

We just put it in with the lemonade.

You see it changes, color and Tyler come on come get your pictures make it fast.

Though we got it.

We got other stuff to do so, the orange juice and the coconut juice they have it all.

Over Thailand like I.

Just went back this last summer and you get it get every coffee shop now, so we try it out.

I was like this is amazing.

This is really refreshing, it's not bitter! If you just drink, espresso I mean at brunch.

You know so many people get a coffee and an orange juice I've never ever considered combining the two, but it works.

You're, saying yeah, you're gonna try today right right, nope, I'm drinking the pee cheers all right, let's get into food.

What is this guy? That's um this.

This is a household favorite.

This is what we always eat at home too, and I also have a special one, where there's shrimp tempura inside of the spring rolls.

So we usually just have grilled shrimp, but now we put in shrimp tempura just to give it that crunchiness and we always did it at home.

And what's the sauce peanut sauce, homemade peanut sauce, we make it ourselves and this the spring rolls are gluten-free.

Is the sauce gluten-free? Yes, oh I'm, assuming it's gluten-free, maybe not with the tempura, maybe yeah, maybe not with the temperature, normal, the grilled shrimp one, but you can get a gluten.

Okay, yep I have not had these over there right here.

So this is all oh.

This is basil chicken dumplings.

So we use our basil chicken that we cook and put it in bite-sized, brilliant and you dip it in sauce with our home, making TK ready, Don't Mind, If, I Do, it's a cameraman.

You want one you both can here you go reward the cameraman, and hopefully we would that's the plan.

Yes, yes, the plan here right here we have basil beef, um, stir-fry basil, beef, with, of course, I.

Don't over easy egg on top um.

You can also get that vegetarian and we also have impossible beef as a basil dish.

Oh you can actually substitute for anything but and spice level.

You can go from nothing to burn your face off right, exactly Thai hot, yes and your Thai Hots really good.

Oh yes, like you, warn people right when people order that you're like are you sure, I know, but you doing it it's gone and they're not even sweating, no sweat yeah.

That's not me! Yeah I, like spicy, but not Thai.

You know this is our typical Thai Dish, a free.

You can get a vegetarian with tofu.

These are Drunken Noodles um.

We make every shrimp.

But of course again you can substitute with I.

Don't think I don't think we mentioned you get to the fast casual restaurant I.

Don't think we said that fast casual is Lakewood and DTC.

The one in Westminster is a full service.

Sit down with servers again, I didn't know, so that was our very first location which we opened 2001 so 22 years ago, and then we opened Lakewood and the DTC.

So this is our very famous Pad, Thai, Dish and I bet.

Everybody always eats this I've had it once or twice or a dozen times this I don't know.

So this one is the Thai omelet over rice.

So this dish for Thai people is like a dishware you're too lazy to cook.

You don't know what to eat: hey Thai, omelet with ground chicken over rice and you'd want to put some Syria Chad this one I put some of our homemade chili oil on it It's a lazy dish, I would say: look at Mr, Fried Chicken, oh this one! This is fairly new and this one's only available in Westminster also.

So this is our fried bosses.

Fried Chicken.

This is named after my husband who created this dish, so this Fried Chicken is what we eat on the streets of Thailand and the flavor is on on the spot, with sticky rice with um.

So the sauce is so that's kind of like an Eastern type of sauce where they would dip with fried chicken yeah, and you can get spicy sauce or sweet sauce all right onto dessert, which is oh, beautiful mango mango.

So we also infused the butterfly pea flower to get the color into the coconut juice for the rice.

Now, if only your husband was here to be on camera, that would be amazing.

Should we make him come on sure? Why not come on come, say.

Hi he's always he's so cute.

Why wouldn't he be on camera Thailand? He would work as a emcee yeah he's comfortable.

He used to yeah right, give them your website.

Yes, our website is www.tuktuk, rocks with an s.com and can people order a head on there right how about uh delivery delivery? We use the third party yeah, but you prefer they don't do yes right, yeah.

One thing that I need to add on so now like uh at the Westminster.

They have like construction just in front of our restaurant.

It used to be like parking lot, but now we got a phone call and every day that hey, how can I get to your restaurant? So if you can't find us, you see like the construction and- and you see like AMC, theater and Dave and Buster- we actually in the middle between construction and Dave and Buster.

So I put some photo in the Google Map yeah.

So you might see it we're trying to put like outside, like a bigger, bigger, a more colorful to like easier to see so normally Google Map will drag you around the building and you like wondering: where is it like? The construction is one in front of you, so on the right side of the building.

They have like a ram, so you can access two ways of the entrance to the restaurant.

Okay, where the city makes like it's like, like business, isn't hard enough and destroy your business, and it happened right when dining was reopening and the construction started.

I was like sir uh-oh Larry's dating again put it in your mouth.

I want to know how you feel thanks for finally, coming on the show I appreciate yours coming up all the way from Westminster.

No, what are you sorry for it's a pain in the butt to come on the show right to make all this food drive here, nobody likes to be on camera.

No, it's a lot.

I appreciate you coming down, and this is the real deal like I promise you this place is money I eat there, all the time uh our office.

We used to be able to walk there, our old office and and we we I mean never win a week without it now we're now it's more like once a month, because it's a little further, but it's still fantastic super sweet people service is great I'm, not plugging you, I, guess, yeah I, think terribly good, we'll be back for uh local Biz Buzz tomorrow.

We're gonna be drinking some booze tomorrow on the show and I'm headed down to Colorado Springs right now to film restaurants near me, Colorado Springs, so I'm gonna be eating in five restaurants in five hours.

Right after this all right I'll see you tomorrow, let's eat, let's eat more, it's delish all right.

First off.

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