Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (2024)

Figuring out what to eat for breakfast if you're sensitive to FODMAPs can be a real challenge.

Many traditional breakfast foods like bagels, toast, and breakfast cereal are high FODMAP and can trigger a reaction in those who suffer from IBS or other FODMAP sensitivities.

Vegetarians need to be especially mindful with their menu planning as so many plant-based options, like beans, legumes, and many fruits and vegetables are high FODMAP.

Worry not, though. With some careful planning and a good selection of Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes, you can be enjoying the most important meal of the day without tummy troubles.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (1)

What the heck are FODMAPS?

If you're wondering what the heck FODMAPs are, I recommend you start this post that breaks it down: What are FODMAPs. You'll find a ton of information there, and a printable FODMAP food chart that will help get you started.

You can also find a great list of Low FODMAP Snacks to get you through the day!

Keep in mind that when it comes to FODMAP sensitivity, many people are reactive tosome but not allfoods that are high in FODMAPs.

With IBS there tends to be a cumulative effect as well, so you may find that it's find to eat a small portion of a moderate FODMAP food, but if you eat too much of that food or too many days in a row, you'll run into trouble.

Some of the Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes below contain what the researchers at Monash University have determined is a tolerable level of a FODMAP containing food, such as yogurt, cheese, or oats.

It's important to keep in mind that everyone is different, and while a small portion of lactose-containing yogurt might be fine for one person, it might be completely off limits for another.

This is something you can determine with a FODMAP elimination diet, which is something I recommend you do with the guidance of a FODMAP-trained health care professional.

Let's get into the recipes!

Here are 12 Low Fodmap Breakfast Recipes to get your day started with a happy tummy!

1. Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are low FODMAP at 2 tablespoons per serving, which is exactly the amount that a single serving of this Chia Pudding Recipe calls for. I use a small amount of yogurt in my chia pudding, but you can either replace it with almond milk or opt for lactose-free yogurt.

If you're looking for a unique spin on chia pudding, this Matcha Chia Pudding from Drive Me Hungry looks incredible.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (2)

How to make Chia Pudding

How to make Chia Pudding - this easy make-ahead recipe soaks overnight in the fridge for a gut-friendly breakfast. Easily made vegan, this simple chia pudding is for everyone to enjoy!

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (3)

2. Low FODMAP Breakfast Bars

Everyone needs a good breakfast on the go, and these Low FODMAP Breakfast Bars from The FODMAP Formula are the perfect thing! They do contain oats, peanuts, and pomegranate arils, all of which are FODMAP triggers if you eat too much.

The amounts outlined in the recipe are considered safe by the Monash researchers so long as you measure carefully and don't eat more than 1.5 servings.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (4)

Low FODMAP Breakfast Bars

Made with oats, peanuts, and FODMAP-friendly chocolate chips, these Low FODMAP breakfast bars are the perfect breakfast on the go for a busy day.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (5)

3. Egg in a Squash Hole

if you eat eggs, they're a great low FODMAP breakfast option. You can bulk-prep scrambled eggs to make your mornings a cinch, make perfect hard-boiled eggs, or go for a classic poached egg.

If you want a fun take on a classic egg breakfast, Egg in a Squash Hole is a great low FODMAP recipe to make.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (6)

Egg In A Squash Hole

Egg In A Squash Hole - Eggs are baked in rings of roasted squash for a delicious, healthy, fun seasonal breakfast the whole family will enjoy.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (7)

4. Low FODMAP Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a meal-prepper's dream come true, but did you know that soaking the oats also makes them easier to digest? Many people with IBS can tolerate a ½ cup serving of oats, so overnight oats like these Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats from Fun Without FODMAPs are a great Low FODMAP Breakfast recipe.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (8)

Low FODMAP Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats

Make breakfast a breeze with Low FODMAP Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats. Quickly prep at night and have a FODMAP-friendly fiber-packed option ready to go when you wake up.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (9)

5. Indonesian Black Rice Pudding

If you haven't tried Indonesian Black Rice Pudding before, I urge you to give it a try. My take on the traditional recipes is dairy-free, just barely sweetened, and completely gluten-free.

Very fibrous grains such as black rice should be enjoyed in moderate servings if you suffer from IBS, but a ¾ cup serving of this black rice pudding makes a great low FODMAP breakfast.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (10)

Indonesian Black Rice Pudding

Indonesian Black Rice Pudding is a healthy vegan recipe that's perfect for breakfast or dessert! Made with coconut milk and naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, this rice pudding recipe can be made on the stove top or in the Instant Pot.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (11)

6. Low FODMAP Quinoa Porridge with Berries and Cinnamon

If you suffer from IBS and know you can't tolerate even a small portion of oats, this quinoa-based porridgefrom A Little Bit Yummy is a great low FODMAP breakfast option for you.

According to Monash University, one low FODMAP serving of quinoa is 50g which is about 1 cup of cooked quinoa.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (12)

Low FODMAP Quinoa Porridge with Berries and Cinnamon

For a quick and easy low FODMAP breakfast, this quinoa porridge is warm, comforting, and filling.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (13)

7. Baked Eggs with Spinach and Ricotta

Soft cheeses such as ricotta are high FODMAP due to their lactose content, however, the Monash team has determined that ricotta is tolerated as low FODMAP in servings of 40 grams or less, and is considered moderate-FODMAP from 40-100 grams.

If you are very sensitive to lactose, you can try making this Baked Eggs with Spinach and Ricotta dish with lactose-free or vegan ricotta, or reduce the amount of ricotta per serving from ¼ cup to 2-3 tablespoons.

If you're a cheese lover like me and are curious about what cheeses are low in FODMAPs and what amounts are safe, check out this excellent article on low FODMAP cheese options from A Little Bit Yummy.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (14)

Ricotta and Spinach Egg Bake

Ricotta and Spinach Egg Bake is an easy, protein-packed meal that's perfect for breakfast or dinner. Baked in individual ramekins, this healthy vegetarian dish goes from oven to table in just 15 minutes.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (15)

8. Paleo Museli

There's no need to feel left out of the breakfast buffet if you can't eat traditional muesli. My girl Sarah from Sustainable Cooks has got your back with this grain-free Paleo Muesli recipe.

Note that this recipe calls for cashews, which are a high-FODMAP nut. If you're sensitive to cashews you'll need to omit them and add extra coconut flakes or almonds in their place.

Also be sure to check the Monash guidelines for save serving sizes when it comes to nuts in general, as they can be triggering for many IBS sufferers.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (16)

Paleo Muesli

Crunchy and naturally sweet, this coconutty Paleo Muesli is a hardy and delicious grain-free breakfast. An easy recipe using dried fruit and maple syrup, these delightful paleo granola clusters are also vegan and dairy-free.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (17)

9. Sweet Potato Toast

Have you ever tried making Sweet Potato Toast? It's a bit of a misnomer, to be honest, but it's a fun way to mix up your low FODMAP breakfast routine. This recipe from Tara Rochford Nutrition is a great base, and can be topped with your favourite low FODMAP toast toppings.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (18)

Sweet Potato Toast

This twist on a classic is a fun way to eat sweet potatoes at the start of the day – sweet potato toast! Top it with sweet or savory toppings and enjoy!

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (19)

10. Low FODMAP Potato Rosti

Potato Rosti is one of my favourite low FODMAP breakfast ideas. I love topping them with a poached egg or, like in this recipe from The Fussy Fodmapper, with a dollop of lactose-free yogurt.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (20)

Low FODMAP Potato Rosti

These potato rosti are great addition to a big breakfast plate. Serve them with poached eggs, grilled tomato, or a FODMAP friendly serving of avocado.

Check out this recipe

11. Strawberry Chia Jam

If you've found a good gluten-free or traditionally-made sourdough bread that's FODMAP friendly and you're looking for something to smear on it, give this Strawberry Chia Jam a go!

Unlike traditional jam it's just barely sweetened with a tablespoon or two of maple syrup, making it a great low FODMAP breakfast option.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (21)

Strawberry Chia Jam

This Strawberry Chia Jam is made with only a handful of ingredients, is free from refined sugar, and takes just 15 minutes to make. You can make chia jam with either fresh berries or frozen fruit for a healthy low sugar homemade jam that literally anyone can make.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (22)

12. Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites

For a make-ahead breakfast that will make you shake your head at those over priced coffee shop egg bites, these Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites from Sustainable Cooks are your golden ticket.

These are dairy free, endlessly adaptable, and the recipe includes instructions for making them in your oven if you don't have an Instant Pot.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (23)

Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites

Learn how easy it is to make this awesome copycat Starbucks Instant Pot Egg Bites recipe. This recipe also teaches you how to make these Whole30 and paleo bites in the oven. These paleo sous vide egg bites are a game changer for fast breakfasts.

Check out this recipe

Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (24)

Looking for More?

Check out this list of Low FODMAP Snacks!

For more details: What Are FODMAPs?

A Guide to Protein for Vegetarians and Vegans

A Guide to Plant-Based Calcium

Explore More Recipes

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Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes (2024)


What breakfast foods can I have with IBS? ›

Make-Ahead Breakfast Options
  • Basic Low FODMAP Overnight Oat Recipe.
  • Warm & Satisfying Hot Grain Cereals.
  • Chia Seed Pudding.
  • Sweet Potato Toast.
  • Cottage Cheese and Toast.
  • DIY Yogurt Parfait.
  • The Incredible, Edible Egg Recipes.

Is oatmeal okay on a low FODMAP diet? ›

Oats can be a low FODMAP breakfast option during the low FODMAP phase. If you choose rolled oats, start with a ½ cup serving size and then test your tolerance level. If you want instant oats use a ¼ cup serving size, and mix them with rice flakes or quinoa flakes for a larger hot breakfast.

What foods are unlimited on low FODMAP diet? ›

FODMAP “Free” Foods List
  • Alfalfa.
  • Arugula.
  • Bamboo shoots (fresh/canned)
  • Beansprouts.
  • Bell Peppers (red)
  • Capsicum (red)
  • Carrots.
  • Choy sum.
Sep 10, 2023

What cereal can I eat on FODMAP diet? ›

Rice Chex, Corn Chex and various flavors of Cheerios are all low FODMAP in moderate amounts. These breakfast cereals are also widely available both domestically and internationally. There are also some other low FODMAP cold breakfast cereals sold by smaller brands.

Can I eat peanut butter on a low FODMAP diet? ›

Peanut Butter is Low in FODMAPS

While almonds, cashews, and pistachios are fairly high in FODMAPs, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts are considered low FODMAP foods. This is because peanuts are technically part of the legume family, they're safe for a low FODMAP diet.

What are the 5 best foods for IBS? ›

The Best Foods for IBS
  1. Salmon. Sarah Schlichter, M.P.H., RDN, a registered dietitian at Bucket List Tummy, tells EatingWell, “Salmon and other fatty fish are high in unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. ...
  2. Bell Peppers. ...
  3. Lean Meat. ...
  4. Avocado. ...
  5. Eggs. ...
  6. Sweet Potatoes. ...
  7. Spinach. ...
  8. Kiwi.
Nov 10, 2023

What can I have for toast with IBS? ›

Sourdough bread and gluten-free bread are the best types of bread for people with IBS.

Can I eat pancakes with IBS? ›

Pancakes, one of the most common breakfast staples, contain gluten and dairy – two common IBS triggers. But instead of not being able to enjoy pancakes altogether, this modified recipe includes oats instead of white flour and almond milk instead of cow's milk.

Are bananas high in FODMAP? ›

Unripe bananas are low in FODMAPS and therefore a better choice for people with IBS — although they're not as sweet or soft as ripe bananas. However, as bananas ripen, they accumulate a type of FODMAP called oligofructans. Therefore, ripe bananas are considered a high FODMAP food (6, 7 ).

What bread brands are low in FODMAP? ›

Low-FODMAP Certified Breads
  • Schar Gluten Free Baguette.
  • Schar Gluten Free Ciabatta Rolls.
  • Schar Gluten Free Deli Style Seeded.
  • Schar Gluten Free Deli Style Sourdough.
  • Schar Gluten Free Multigrain Ciabatta Rolls.
  • COBS Bread Low FOD Loaf.
Apr 20, 2020

Are cheerios low in FODMAP? ›

However, Cheerios, a breakfast cereal made from oats, is a low FODMAP grain and is not wheat-based like bread or crackers. Therefore, Cheerios are a great breakfast option for low FODMAP individuals in moderate amounts when consumed in the suggested portion size of 1/2 cup.

What diet is closest to low FODMAP? ›

The gluten free diet has some similarities to the FODMAP diet and it is often tried first before undetaking the low FODMAP diet.

How do I not get hungry on a low Fodmap diet? ›

Monash recommends spacing your meals and snacks at least 3-4 hours apart. If you find that you are hungry within this 3-4 hour window, try snacking on foods that are FODMAP free or have a very large safe serving size. These can be eaten freely and according to your appetite.

Can you eat scrambled eggs on a FODMAP diet? ›

Are Eggs Low Fodmap? Yes, eggs are considered a low FODMAP food and are generally well-tolerated by individuals on a low FODMAP diet. Eggs are a good source of protein and can be prepared in many ways, such as boiled, poached, fried, or baked.

Can you eat McDonald's on low FODMAP? ›

Low FODMAP Meal ideas at McDonalds:

Quarter Pounder BLT with fries (no cheese, no bun, no onions, no pickles) Lettuce wrap = Ask for 2 extra lettuce leaves. Hashbrown = Ask for 2 hashbrowns as buns. Quarter pounder without cheese (no bun, no onions, no pickles)

Are Cheerios low in FODMAP? ›

However, Cheerios, a breakfast cereal made from oats, is a low FODMAP grain and is not wheat-based like bread or crackers. Therefore, Cheerios are a great breakfast option for low FODMAP individuals in moderate amounts when consumed in the suggested portion size of 1/2 cup.

Is bacon OK on FODMAP diet? ›

Bacon is low FODMAP. However, this does not apply for all products as some have added high FODMAP ingredients, such as onion and garlic powder and celery juice. Sometimes high FODMAP ingredients can hide under the term 'natural flavorings'. As bacon is usually high in fat, opt for products with lower fat content.

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